Top Tips for Online Poker: The Basics

The explosion in popularity of poker over the past couple of decades has led to so many different online poker options as well. The most important thing is you need to know the basics of poker before you start playing poker at an online casino. If you don’t you might as well just start a charity and give your money away!

How to find a reliable site

The next step is to find a site on which you will be playing. It’s very important to pick a reputable one as they will be housing your money in a similar way a bank would. So you want that money to be there when it comes time to cash out. All this will take is a little bit of research as you will find the fraudsters pretty quickly. You also want to make sure that the sites have enough people on them so that you can find games when you want. If it’s a reputable website you really shouldn’t have to worry about that as reputable sites typically have plenty of action.

The difference between online and live poker

Now for some actionable tips that you can implement the next time you’re playing online poker. The biggest difference between online and live poker is that you cannot see the other player. In live poker, you can look the other person in the eyes or into their sunglasses and read their body language to figure out if they have it or not. When you’re playing online you can’t do that all you can read is the size of the bet in comparison to how they have played previous hands. This means you can’t read the other player at all online! This means that you have to play the hands you dealt even more and capitalize on the situations where you have the best hand. The best way to do this is to only play the better hands you’re dealt so that you have the best odds of winning the hand. You must be picky when it comes to the hands you play with since reading the table is very difficult to do.

Win big at a online casino - Top Tips for Online Poker: The Basics

How to play in your position

Now that you have limited the hands that you play the next step to improving your poker game is learning how to play in position. You will need to pay close attention to what position you’re sitting at on the table for each hand. In case you don’t know there are better positions on the table than others. The best position to be in is going to be on the button which means that you’re last to act, the worst position is what’s called under the gun which is right after the blinds and is first to act. When you’re sitting on the button you’re going to want to play more hands as you can steam more pots from here by betting. The closer you are to the button the looser you should play and the opposite is true as the further you get away from the button you should tighten up playing only the very best hands. You will be shocked to see how many hands you can win when in position and the rest of the players check it to you. So you must exploit that whenever you do get the chance!

The final and most important tip for online poker is to know when to raise, fold and check. There is a reason that they are in that order because raising is the most important and should be the most common thing you do. Folding is second because there is nothing wrong with folding when the opponent has you beat. Checking is last as it’s the weakest move you can do and should avoid it at all costs! When in doubt on any hand you should be either raising it or folding it as you want to get the most from the opponent when you have the best hand and give away the least amount of money when you have the worst hand. Checking is something you should be doing when you’re trying to trap someone and extract as much money from them as possible. But please be careful as this is a move that can and will blow up in your face as they will hit their hand sometimes and it will hurt your chip stack.


If you can keep it to these simplest tips your success rate will go up exponentially playing online poker. As we said before if you play basic poker and play the hands you’re dealt your success will go up. Since it’s a lot more difficult to get live reads on people online you need to keep your bluffing to a minimum only doing it in the best of positions. As with anything else in life you need to continue to practice and play frequently. Know when to hold em and know when to fold em’!!

Some Top Tips for playing Online Blackjack

Did you know that more people are starting to participate in online gambling at one of their favorite casinos? That means that Blackjack has been making the rounds as one of the more popular options for players. Now we all know why online Blackjack is popular. How many of you(though) know how to maintain the right strategy while playing it? That strategy is what we will discuss today. I will go over about 7 tips(with you) on how to keep a good strategy, as well as what makes a good strategy. After all, how can you maintain a good strategy if you do not know what one is?

Some Good Playing Strategies For You and Your Friends

1) The first one is rather obvious, but I feel it needs repeating. You have to know what your bankroll is. You have to know how much you are willing to spend for the hours you play. Say, for example, you want to play for five hours straight. Now, let’s say you are only willing to spend about $200 during those five hours. Remember that a lot can happen in those five hours. You are also going to get enticed to go beyond that $200 mark. They will tell you every line in the book. They want you to overspend, convincing you that you can make it up later. That might be true, but isn’t it better to play within your limit?

2) The next tip I will talk about is the bonus. Please make sure you utilize your bonus offers. The casino is going to make some very generous offers for you. Casinos do this for both new and current players already signed up. You will have different options for the bonus money. Pick the one you like best and use it. The casino is giving it you, so why not take advantage of it? Will there be any strings attached to the bonus money? Probably not, but it is always best to check with the casino first. You can find the information in the terms and conditions section of the casino homepage. Read over it first before you sign up for something.

3) Some players know what they are doing when it comes to a strategy. Other players do not. Those players need a little extra help. There are also charts available for you to look at. The casino provides these resources free of charge. They want you to use them. Take advantage of the resources the casino offers for Blackjack. You never know when it will come in handy(especially for the newer players).

4) The next tip involves single or double hands. Some players have had to learn(the hard way)that playing many hands against the dealer is not going to help. It will only hurt you. The only thing it does is speed things up. It is not going to impact your playing in any real way. It is better to stick to the single hands.

blackjack - Some Top Tips for playing Online Blackjack

5) The next question involves whether to split or not. There is some debate over this. You hear arguments on either side. Today I am going to give you an unbiased point of view. Do you have a pair of 8s or Aces? You should split them then. The reason is that two 8s equal 16. A sixteen is one of the worst hands you can have in Blackjack. Do you have a pair of 10s? That is a good hand. You do not want to split that. Your risk losing a lot when you do that. What about a pair of 6s? Yeah, that is also going to lead to a horrible hand(one of the worst). Stick with what I just told you. It is unbiased and fair way of looking at it.

6) You are going to lose some hands. Every player goes through winning and losing cycles. You will start to hit a losing streak just when you hit your high. It is the way of things. What works best when you are winning? Start inflating your bets a little bit. What do you do when you begin to lose? Start to decrease your betting stakes. You also want to reduce the amount of money you wager when you sense your loss coming. It is one way to minimize the loss. Once again, some players start to increase their bets to make up for the loss. There is no way to make up for a loss you incur(even over time). Once the money is gone, it is gone.

7) What about mixing tables and bankroll? The two of them work together. You need to pick a table the works with the money you have to spend. That means there is no way you should go play at a high rollers table when you only have $50 to spend. I know that sounds(once again) a bit obvious, but some players disregard this one(intentionally and unintentionally). Another way to look at this is the minimum betting range. Do not sit at a table for $1,000 when you only can afford a $200 maximum bet. Some say that if they play enough they will have the bankroll to make profit. That is not going to work either. You have to match the table to your limit. Let’s use the betting timetable as the final example. Most players should allow for at least 40 bets within their overall bankroll. That means those 40 bets have to last you through the $200(just an example). Find the correct online table before playing.

Top 5 Slots for New Zealand 2020

Top 5 Online for New Zealand 2020

Online gaming has come a long way in the 3 decades since its birth, and today there are thousands of online slots to choose from when you begin looking for how to spend your hard-earned money and valuable time. If you are looking for the best chances to win along with the most entertaining, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, enticing, and engaging pokies to play, then look no further. We have tracked down the top 5 favorites of many New Zealand gamers and have laid out the reasons why each is such a wonderful gaming choice. They are all great games and the order of the list is random because no single game is so much better than another that we could put them in a definite order. Honestly, like any serious gamer, we would have a seriously difficult time picking the top spot if we had to choose. There are just so many wonderful games to choose from and it took a seriously long time and plenty of considerations to narrow the list down just to these top 5. You really cannot go wrong playing any one of these amazing online slots.

#5) Starburst

A classic slot that has been around for close to a decade, Starburst is still one of the favorite choices of many New Zealand gamers to this day. The dazzling appearance and visual feast of effects that popular game designer NetEnt built into this wonderful cosmic game keep it rounding out best-of lists everywhere. Gamers just cannot get enough of this fairly simple to follow along with but still full of plenty of wild action pokie, and neither can we. It is an amazingly captivating game that offers a low to medium volatility with its 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 pay lines that would otherwise be considered a basic slot if it weren’t for the great sounds and visual effects. Plus, with both ways win feature you are sure to win more often than with many other newer slots games that have all the extra bells and whistles that make some games to complicated for some players liking. Something is comforting about playing this classic slot for hours on end and the frequency of winning gaming sessions with this one will have you coming back time and time again for more reel-spinning action.

#4) Mega Moolah

Probably one of the most popular slot titles of all time, Mega Moolah has earned every bit of its epic reputation for being the best of the best. Microgaming created a massive hit when they invented this perfection of a slot game. The African safari theme with pleasant picturesque graphics makes it easy on the eyes, even for those marathon gaming sessions that can go on for many hours as you rack up the winnings over and over. Plus, the extra bonuses offered in this amazing pokie keep you always on the edge of your seat while you bite your nails in pure anticipation of the next big winning bonus round of free spins. There are sticky wilds that trigger respins up to 3 times in a row along with scattering symbols that rack up a whopping 15 free bonus spins with the possibility of doubling the length with another 15 free spins on top of that. With the basic 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 pay lines layouts you may not think the game has as much potential as it does if you have never experienced a Mega Moolah gaming session for yourself, but do yourself a favor and give this one a try if you haven’t already. There is so much going on that you will have many opportunities to win a jackpot. Speaking of jackpots, this game has four levels of progressive jackpots that you are capable of winning no matter what your bet amount was. Those jackpots start at 10$NZ, 100$NZ, 10,000$NZ, and then top out with a mega jackpot win that starts at a minimum of 1 million $NZ! This alone makes it worth your time because that is a life-changing win for most players and this game has given out plenty of major wins over the few years since it was originally released. You can find it at a vast number of online casinos due to its popularity and that fact adds to the speed at which those progressive jackpots grow. So, take a little chance and try your hand at a few spins of the reels on the Mega Moolah slot game and you may just hit a big enough win to change your life forever. Even if you don’t win a life-changing amount, the chances of you coming out on top are amazing because it has an RTP of 98.5%! If those are not good enough reasons for you to try it out, then we do not know what would be.

casino operating systems laptop codes 720x380 - Top 5 Slots for New Zealand 2020

#3) Zeus 3

The third edition of the uber-popular Zeus slot was designed by the powerhouse game producer WMS who was one of the very first to use a franchise name for a game title and have released many since their beginnings 29 years ago. Zeus 3 is a bit complicated at first, with its 6 reels that ascend in the number of rows that start at only 2 rows in the first reel and top out at 7 rows in the 6th and final reel. Then, when you hit the bonus free spins round this will switch around into a descending pattern. With this strange pattern of reels, you have an amazing 192 pay lines that offer plenty of chances to win yourself a decent amount in return for your bet amount. Then, there are nudging wilds with two different wild symbols that are the picture of Zeus holding a lighting bolt or the image of the Coliseum that offers even greater chances to win. Zeus himself will expand to fill the reel that he appears on up as all wilds while the latter symbol can stand for any symbol except the scatter to make a winning combination. Speaking of the scatter symbol, this is where the excitement of the game really takes off. The scatter symbol will trigger the mega bonus free spin rounds that make this game so lucrative. If you only land on 3 scatter symbols in a pay line, then you will only get 10 free spins. When it gets really interesting is when you land 4 or the top-winning 5 scatter symbols. With 4 of the scatters you trigger an amazing 25 bonus free spins with a multiplier of 10x your original bet amount on the spin that triggered the round. While hitting 5 will earn you the stunning bonus round of 50 free spins with a whopping 50x multiplier on all your winnings from every one of those 50 free spins. This last one is where the huge winning amounts can come from since the jackpot in the game is only 800 credits. Also, since the reel order reverses for your bonus round you are much more likely to hit some winning pay lines and the two wilds just add to this possibility of landing more winning combinations. The setup is interesting, the bonus round is amazing, and overall the game is appealing. It is definitely a game worth your time and you should drop in on this one for a couple of hundred spins now and then see how generous it is for you on any given day. You may just strike some huge wins with it and it will become a favorite once you get a handle on the mechanics of the ascending rows in the reels. Zeus 3 is sure to excite, engage, and entertain you for a wonderful gaming session.

#2) Da Vinci Diamonds

This game from game producer IGT was one of their first to include the Tumbling Symbols feature that makes it quite a unique style of gameplay. What this feature does for the style is that instead of spinning reels for the 5 reels with 3 rows, the symbols cascade from the top of the screen and fall into place. When they settle in and land on winning combinations in any of the 20 set pay lines, the winning combination of symbols dissolve and disappear leaving space for more symbols to cascade and fall into place from up above. This allows for more chances to win some extra combinations from just a single “spin”. The unique style of this feature is quite appealing and entertaining as it keeps you engaged even after each spin because you are waiting to see how many times you will keep landing winning combinations and racking up the wins. Then, there is a bonus round when you land on 3 or more scatter symbols. This bonus round is hugely lucrative and allows for some majorly large winning amounts for many players and is one of the many reasons that players keep returning to this game over and over hoping to hit it big on the bonus round. When you trigger this round by landing on 3 or more scatter symbols the screen changes along with the tempo and intensity of the music. You will first be awarded a total of only 6 free spins, but the appearance of more scatter symbols during the new screen of tumbling slot symbols trigger more free spins. The maximum amount of free spins you can achieve is a stunning 300 spins. There are also more wild symbols in the reels and other high paying symbols tend to land more often on this new slot screen which means you tend to hit bigger wins during the free spins plus they land more often. Even with only the original 6 free spins, because of the Tumbling Symbols feature and all the extra wilds, scatters, and high paying symbols during this bonus feature your chances of landing some major wins are multiplied many times over. The ornate symbols that make up this game feature some of Da Vinci’s paintings of a man, the Mona Lisa, and other various women plus some shiny gems round out the lower-paying common symbols instead of the typical playing card symbols you see with many slot games. Overall, this is a wonderful gem of a game that will have you invested in the outcome every time the symbols settle into place after a spin and you will love the outcome more often than not. It is the perfect game for novice and expert gamers alike or average players and high rollers alike as well because you can bet anywhere from 0.20$NZ to 200$NZ which allows for a wide range of winning amounts but wins are common so upping your bet per spin will only pay off over the long run. You will surely love to revisit this amazing game time after time because of its exciting nature and frequency of winning combinations, especially during the bonus round. So enjoy yourself with a little time spent in Da Vinci’s workshop amongst his famous works and some attractive gems as well.

#1) Immortal Romance

This classic storyline style game is an amazing attention grabber that will grab ahold of you and not let go. You will quickly become invested in seeing how the story plays out and the only way to do that is to keep spinning and winning some big combinations. This game, designed by the top-notch producer Microgaming, is all about the free spin bonus rounds. These are when the storyline will play out and you get to see what happens to each of the games four major characters during their individual love stories that have a mixture of vampiric fangs to them. First off, if you land enough scatters five different times, then you get to see how Amber’s story plays out with 10 free spins each time and a 5x multiplier to all your winning amounts for those 10 spins. After her story plays out across your screen you are introduced to Troy through the next five times you land on enough scatters to trigger a bonus round. During Troy’s storyline, you achieve 15 free spins each time with random multipliers chosen for each round and applied to all the winnings. Then, the next character you get to see deal with love and death with vampires lurking in the shadows is Michael. During his story, you get to watch things progress along with 10 more free spins for each of the 5 sections of his story along with avalanching symbols, which is similar to the Tumbling Symbols feature of the Da Vinci’s Diamonds game. Finally, there are the uber-lucrative Sarah character’s bonus rounds that follow the 5 sections of her storyline and you get a whopping 25 free spins with spreading wilds feature that allows for some majorly big wins if you stick it out long enough to make it to see her story. The game is full of romance and action and it will keep you thoroughly entertained and engaged throughout as you wait for each bonus round to happen so you can get to see how the story progresses. That way you get to see exactly what happens to each of the characters in the end and see how all their stories come together and relate to each other. They all tie together into a tangled web of lies, love, romance, blood, and death. All of which will keep you on the edge of your seat until you jump for joy at the big wins you get to gain along the way.

The Best Slot Software Providers

Typically, companies that deal with the software are many. Hence the manufacture of slot software is critical and requires a lot of attention. All you need to do is to go for that firm that deals with popular slot machines for both land-based as well as online casinos. But then again, among these companies only a few that provide exceptional playing involvement. Based on your specifications and your budget, you need to understand a number of these service providers to make a choice. This article herein discusses some of the top slot software firms in the industry.


It was found in the year 1994 and remains the best operating firm of slot software. The history of this company is paramount and its reputation is reviewed as positive. The firm provides a wide range of games with more than 800 in its collection. It powers hundreds of gaming clubs that use the internet as well as providing great titles to many others. Most clients like the firm’s earlier titles. Microgaming is trying its best to ensure that the slot software they offer has the best features, jackpots as well as value. Most current titles of this firm use 3-D visuals. The firm also partners with some of the leading companies thus offering prevalent games. Microgaming slot software provider provides more than 40 advanced jackpot slots.


The company was founded in the year 1999 and it offers Man of Steel Slot Game as the top game. It is among the best players in the gaming business. Not only does the company offer casino games but also software for most iGaming selections like sports betting, poker, and so on. These games are available in download versions as well as in instant play. Playtech provides about 200 diverse titles in its portfolio. The majority of its gaming collection has slots that are popular globally as they have different players for their astounding graphics. Also, the company has amazing cashout charges for its clients. In the Playtech’s portfolio, there are various gaming versions each motivating in a different way. Playtech also has a slot of Age of the Gods jackpot. In addition to that, it provides different slots based on high jackpots. Compared to other slot software provider, Playtech has many slots which have paid over and above $1 million.


This firm was established in the year 1996 with Gonzo’s Quest Slots Game as the best game. NetEnt offers software for casinos that do not need any download. Nevertheless, its games are developed in such a way that they permit prompt play within the internet browser. This allows clients to use slot machines at some diverse online operators. The company provides more than a hundred slot software titles where most of them are mobile enhanced. This means they operate in different kinds of internet aided devices. Its slots ensure high-quality graphics as well as sound. Besides, NetEnt has satisfactory features with best disbursement rates with an RTP of about 95 percent. It as well encompasses advanced jackpot slot designations. NetEnt also has various games grounded on desired television shows as well as movies.

RTG (Realtime Gaming)

This kind of slot software firm was founded in the year 1998 having Achilles Slots Game as the top game. It has upgraded its software varieties over the past fifteen years. Realtime Gaming is top in the betting trade due to its fascinating software feature as well as modified game branding. As well, players in the gambling den adore new gameplay skill in each kind of RTG. It also provides web-centred as well as downloadable software. In terms of jackpot slots, Realtime Gaming provides a variety of random slots retrieved from mobile gadgets or desktop computers. It has been gaining popularity in global online slot businesses providing up to 300 first-hand as well as standard titles. The firm has more games ranging from customary three-reel slots to the current attractive video slots. RTG also has experts niche games to ensure that the most demanding games are available to the players. Among the games offered by this company are Megasaur, Spirit of the Inca among others.


This firm was established in the year 1980 with Ice Paradise Slots Game as the utmost game provided. It is the foremost company in the gambling business. Also, it encompasses several firms that deal with different slot software. Each company under Novomatic is specialized in particular gaming software and also has its highly skilled specialists. The firm provides gaming workstations that are in the form of art with advanced technology in terms of design. To the convenience of the clients, Novomatic services are found in online as well as land-based gaming club.


BetSoft was set up in the year 2006 having The Magic Shoppe Slots Game as the top game. Its slot software is recognized for its attractive animations as well as 3-D visuals which promotes the firm’s titles. It provides its clients’ slot machines in diverse themes and quality. The players also enjoy real-like scenes. The company’s software is seen as the best quality of exceptional titles. BetSoft ensures that there is consistent initiation of new gaming slots to attract more players. It as well emphases on evolving a small range of software slots that ensure high-quality gaming. Gaining popularity, the manufacture has offered different prevalent titles. Currently, the company’s 3-D titles have unique and innovative characteristics.

Every matrix

The manufacturer was established in 2008 offering Stones and Bones Slots Game as the main game. It is among the top slot software provider internationally dealing with excellent gaming solutions online. Everymatrix has software that is capable of been used in most online gaming sites as well as gaming clubs. The company’s name is well known is the most recognized casinos. This is because it helps different gambling den sites. The firm agents provide more than 22,000 games delivered by 33 different service providers. Evermatrix provides different payment controlling and playing solutions for all the casino operatives. The company provides live merchant software that helps customers to realize a brick-and-mortar gambling den while still at home.

SG Gaming

The SG Gaming slot software provider was started in the year 2012 having the Snow Leopard Slots Game as the top game. Being the best gaming manufacturer, SG Gaming offers thousands of gaming software with great content. The slots of this firm are found all over the world. The main title for this company is Rainbow Riches which is found in the different online classic gaming clubs. But then again there are many distinctions of this game. SG Gaming has other brands such as Williams, Bally as well as Shuffle Master that have diversified themselves in online gaming. There are other slots recognized in this service provider among them being Monty’s Millions, Cash Wizard as well as Monopoly.

The Most Popular Online Casinos In New Zealand

Online gambling is an increasing trend that is booming, but you need to be careful when you are looking for sites that offer such options. Whether you are an experienced gambler or a complete novice, there are many dangers associated with gambling online. If you want to play safe and avoid the bad habits that lead to trouble, you will need to read this article and learn how to know the sites you are gambling at are safe. The first thing you need to look for is the casino’s policy on responsible gambling. New Zealand casinos are very careful about making sure that their customers are gambling responsibly and that their money is safe.

The second thing you should be aware of is the website’s reputation. This means that the site has a good track record of providing responsible gambling options. If a site is having trouble with responsible gambling, it is probably not the best site to go to, because there may be problems on the site that will prevent the customer from earning a profit from their gambling.

The third thing you need to look for is that the site offers gaming that is based on a fixed payout schedule. These sites typically offer games that take longer to play and that payout less often. When playing at these types of sites, you should expect to wait longer for your winnings.

There are other things that you should be wary of when you are looking for online casinos in New Zealand. Things like fraud, DDoS attacks, and fraud is a big problem for many gambling sites. Even if a site promises great service, if they are dishonest then they may not live up to their claims.

The Most Popular Online Casinos In New Zealand

There are many online casinos in New Zealand available, so be sure to choose the best one available. At the same time, you will also have to know how to play it properly and get into a winning condition so that you will not only get some good money but also learn how to maximize your wins. While there are many of these online casinos out there, you must remember that each of them is different from the other. This is so because there are some things that they offer that some of the others do not.

To help you with this, below are a list of most popular online Casinos in New Zealand:

Spin Casino is the number one ranked online slot site. It offers the best of quality slot games and deals with the needs of people from all walks of life. The site offers excellent customer support through live chat rooms, phone lines, and online forms for verification of account details. Many of the slots offered by this website are first-time games and off course, it offers free spins to new users. The company has developed a reputation for offering slot games at highly competitive rates and services that can be trusted. Through its work to provide information about online casinos and the latest trends, Spin Casino helps people make the right choice when it comes to online slots.

Jackpot City Casino is one of the more popular online slots available in New Zealand. It is also one of the first casinos to be offered through the major casino gambling portals. You can look up the website for Jackpot City Casino and check out their site for online slots games. They offer a high number of unique games with simple to play controls, even for the casual player. They also offer exciting bonuses to new players and a free download for its popular card game: Biniono. If you are a player who loves to see some excitement, then try one of these highly exciting slots and experience all the excitement that online gaming brings.

Royal Vegas is one of the popular online slots in New Zealand. This casino also has some of the most challenging games in the industry. Royal Vegas offers high rewards and great payouts when you play at their online slots. This casino is the same company that was the first slot machine company to create games that are similar to those found in Las Vegas.

When you play at a Royal online casino, you will find that there are various genres of online games. These include the popular Texas Holdem and the new Mini-Baccarat slots. These two genres are very popular among online slots players and they have even been named as one of the most popular online slots in New Zealand. You will find that players love the small games of this online casino. They can play mini-baccarat in the comfort of their own home. This casino also offers a very wide range of bonuses. There are numerous free slot games available to play with this company.

Betway Casino is not just an online slots store but it is also a leading provider of casino games and software to people who like playing online slots and more. You have the opportunity to sign up and become a member of the website with a single payment for a lifetime membership. You can also opt for a one-time payment of $50 and get your money instantly credited to your account. However, if you prefer to play free slot games on Betway Casino you can do so as well.

Some of the famous games are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Bowling, Video Poker, Slots, Jackpot, Mini-Slot, Instant Games, Poker, Slots Poker, Trips, Slots Bingo, Roulette Bingo, Double Drawer, Sweepstakes, Lottery, Raffle, Satellite TV, Bingo, Red Light/Green Light, Roulette Code, Full House, Ladies Night, Youth Night, Clue, Slots, Party Game, Auto Slots, Super Slots, Live, VIP, Slots 6 Pack, Flash Slots, Blackjack Bingo, Quick Pick, Slots, Beauty & the Beast, Bit. In other words, this website provides you with everything you will need for playing online slots. All the major genres of your favourite online slots can be found here in one place. You will love playing online slots at Betway Casino for its wide range of top-notch online slots.

Ruby Fortune is an online casino that is operated by the Neptune Group in New Zealand. The Neptune Group is one of the largest internet gambling organizations in the world. You can enjoy a range of sports gambling as well as horse racing and poker gambling. With the bonus option, you can increase your wager to get a bigger jackpot. With a lot of people playing this site, you should not be disappointed with your winnings. The payout can sometimes vary and there are not very many people that are winners. However, if you play your luck will turn and you might have a big win. The majority of the people who win here are the beginners.

How to get free spins in New Zealand

Free Spins are a one of the most popular forms of casino bonuses in New Zealand. We have scoured the internet to create the most definitive guide to free spins in NZ.

Definition – Online Casino Free Spins defines a “free spin” as:

A slot machine bonus game where the player is awarded reel spins on the same wager.

This definition is not sufficient when considering what free spins are in relation to online casinos. Some pokie machines do offer free spins within the games but when discussing free spins in the online casino context, people are more likely to be referring to the free spins that casinos offer on particular games. This means that our definitions would be:

Free reel spins awarded to new or existing customers on a particular pokie machine at an online casino.

How to get Free Spins in New Zealand

The most common way to find free spins in New Zealand is to search for them on either Google or Bing but this approach often leads players to to websites that misrepresent casino offers or provide blatantly ambiguous information regarding bonus terms and casino offers.

We advise players to visit to get clear information regarding the best free spins offers in New Zealand. Best NZ Casinos have produced two outstanding articles for players looking for:

Free Spins Pokies

There are a number of online pokies that are commonly used for free spins by online casinos in New Zealand. We are going to go through the most popular ones here to give you a better idea of what to expect from your free spin experience.

Starburst is one of the most popular online pokies used for free spins promotions. This is because it allows for spins to be set to $0.01 a spin. It is common for casinos to push huge free spin numbers in their opening offers using this game. If you tie that back in to the wagering requirements that some casinos apply to free spins winnings, it becomes almost impossible to walk away from the casino with a decent win.

The Book of Dead Slot is another pokie that is commonly used for free spins in NZ. This is another pokie that allows for a very spin cost. The interesting thing about Book of Dead is that it allows for some big wins. The maximum you can win is up to $250 000 which could really change someone’s life forever. Book of Dead is an Egyptian themed slot similar to the classic land based pokie, Book of RA.

The third pokie that is a popular choice for free spins is Dazzle Me. The Dazzle Me pokie is an obvious favourite for free spins. The reason for this is because it pays out frequently with lots of low to medium wins. This allows players to get good game time from the pokie often feeling like they have gotten good value for money in terms of minutes at the machine.

No Wagering Free Spins

This is a concept we came across whilst researching the different types of free spins available in New Zealand. Dunder Casino was the first casino in New Zealand that offer no wagering free spins.

The idea behind no wagering free spins is that the casino will not impose wagering requirements on winnings from free spins. This may seem logical to most players as they feel like they legitimately won the money from their free spins but it is common practice for online casinos to impose some sort of wagering requirements on winnings from free spins.

The vast majority of online casinos do impose some sort of wagering requirements on free spins winnings. The wagering requirements usually range somewhere between 30x to 45x depending on the casino you are playing at. It is essential that players read he promotional terms and conditions before depositing any money to access free spins at a casino.

No Deposit Free Spins

There are a number of casinos that offer no deposit free spins, also called free spins on sign up by some casinos. These are free spins that are credited to all new players at a casino, without the need for the player to deposit first. According to, some players try to claim these type of offers multiple times but end up missing out when they try to withdraw their winnings as most online casinos have fraud detection teams dedicated to identifying this behaviour and confiscating player winnings.

No deposit free spins are a great way of trying out a new online pokie or casino. This is because you can often gain access to the game or casino platform easily without the need to make a deposit.

Free Spins for Casino Loyalty

Online casinos will frequently offer loyal customers the opportunity to experience new pokies utilising the free spins mechanism they offer new customers. The difference is that loyal players will often get higher value free spins based on how loyal they are to a particular casino.

This is why it is always good to keep the majority of your casino budget inside one or two of your favourite casinos as it allows you to get access to higher loyalty tiers which increases the bonuses that the casinos offer you. Some online casinos, like Jonny Jackpot actually offer high value customer access to an exclusive VIP club. The VIP club at Jonny Jackpot is not just a fancy name but we have heard of numerous people getting surprise gifts like their favourite bottle of wine or being flown away to exotic locations with 5 star treatment.

In Game Free Spins

The final type of free spins we want to talk about today are the in-game free spins that are offered as bonus features in certain online pokies. Online Pokies like Thunderstruck II have one or more bonus features that allow players to win free spins within the game itself. These free spins are earned by unlocking bonus features in the game by collecting various symbols (often scatter symbols).

In the game Immortal Romance, the free spins themselves add multipliers to your wins which allow you to win mega jackpots. This is a common attribute of in-game free spins as shown on the incredible Viking pokie from NetEnt.


We hope that you have enjoyed our guide to getting free spins in New Zealand and look forward to bringing you new exciting casino information and reviews in the near future.

3 Of the Most Common Casino Operating Systems

With technology on the rise, life is becoming more and more convenient. In the past, for a good time at the casino, we’d have to get up, dress up and hit the road. Now in modern times, it is as easy as turning on your computer or phone.

When online casino games became available to us, players usually had to download special software to run the game, now, however, you can access nearly any online casino from any mobile or computer.

There are three popular operating systems namely Windows, Android and iOS. They are used to keep online casinos running smoothly and successful, making it easier for you as the player to access any casino anywhere, from any device.

So, let us dive in!


Ever since its breakthrough in 1985 Microsoft Windows has remained the world’s most popular operating system for computers. Now for online Playtech casinos, Windows offers more.

With Windows, you can look forward to security for your online transactions as well as the data being stored on your profile.


Android is fast becoming the most popular operating system when it comes to mobiles, holding nearly 75% of the global share. Although there are many operating systems out there, a lot of online Playtech casinos are opting to be compatible with Android.


Although Android may be the most-used operating system out there, there are just as many online Playtech casinos that run on iOS. Most companies usually do offer access to their online casinos with both operating systems, no need to stress.

All three operating systems are great when it comes to your online gambling experiences and ultimately it all comes down to preference.

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From Visually.

Top Video Game Websites for You

For some, video games are just that, games, but for others, it’s a way of life. Finding the right game for you can be challenging. We know that some gamers are dedicated to a certain genre while others can get lost with too many choices.

While iFocus may be your number 1 go-to site for Playtech game reviews and news it is always handy to get a second opinion. We are sharing our top 5 list of other sites for gaming news and reviews with you.


Up and running since 1996, Gamespot has been in the game for a while. They provide their readers with objective and transparent reviews.

Not only that, Gamespot reports on all gaming news, helps gamers with strategies for just about any game out there and is constantly sharing knowledge of gaming events. Gamespot has it all in a nutshell and is definitely worth a visit.

Game Informer

Don’t want to get distracted by anything but games? Then Game Informer is for you. They primarily focus on gaming and nothing else. Their reviews are in-depth and focus on points such as graphics, replay value and playability.

Many of their team members are long-standing gamers and their experience is evident on their site.

video game websites kid playing - Top Video Game Websites for You


If you are looking for a review on a certain game, to find out if it’s the game for you or worth investing your hard-earned cash in, then Metacritic might be just the site you need. Metacritic is not a review website in itself but you’ll find aggregate scores from other trusted resources online.

Don’t stress, the site is very strict with which reviews are submitted and only reputable sites get taken into consideration making it is a great place to find out if a Playtech game has been a hit or a miss in the market.


With IGN being one of the highest trafficked websites online, it should be no surprise why they’ve been added to our list. They cover news on technology, comics, video games and more. The site offers its readers expert reviews and walkthroughs to make your gaming life a lot easier.


Created in 1994, the site focuses on all things gaming related. From video games and gaming culture to mobile games. In addition to all that, Gamezone has a large archive of video game reviews that would make it very hard for you to find a game that they haven’t got covered.

Although all the websites mentioned above are great resources for gamers, make sure to check out our sitefirst to get the latest scoop and reviews. We are always refreshing our own resourcespage so visit regularly to stay updated.

Top 3 Casino E-Magazines Not to Miss Out On

Are you an inspiring professional poker player? Just love casinos? Or perhaps just interested in the casino industry. Staying informed can be challenging when you aren’t equipped with the right reading material.

See our top casino E-magazines recommended for you to stay updated on the latest news and developments on all things casino and more specifically, Playtech casino software.

Casino Life Magazine

casino e magazines browsing laptop - Top 3 Casino E-Magazines Not to Miss Out On

Launched in 2005 and based in London, Casino Life Magazine provides all the latest news and events just for you. As one of the biggest E-magazines for the casino industry, their content is always fresh with constantly updated blogs for readers to enjoy.

Casino Life and Business Magazine

casino e magazines people devices - Top 3 Casino E-Magazines Not to Miss Out On

A Romanian magazine that focuses on providing its audiences with just about everything they need at their fingertips. They post approximately 7 articles weekly providing you with a good daily dose for all your casino and gambling needs.

They claim to be the bridge between the casino industry and its audience by sharing news, tips and more.

My Gaming and Leisure

casino e magazines blogging - Top 3 Casino E-Magazines Not to Miss Out On

Focusing on a broader scale in the industry, My Gaming and Leisure provides its readers with the full package. Apart from news on casinos they also delve into the hospitality side of things.

We’re sure there are many more E-magazines out there with a focus on casinos, casino software and gambling, however, we highly recommend these top 3 as they have always had a high standard of delivery when it comes to being informative and entertaining to their readers.

Playtech, The Best Casino Software? Find out What Forums Say

Before online casinosare up and running, they need to first sign licensing agreements with software companies in order to provide games. Most casinos will sign with various companies to showcase their games. Differences in games may not be too obvious but can be noticeable.

Although there are many software companies out there in the business of making online casino games, Playtech is one of the most recognizable ones to date. The trick to their success might be that they sign exclusive agreements with casinos to host the majority of their games.

best casino software nintendo switch - Playtech, The Best Casino Software? Find out What Forums Say

Similar to Apple and Nintendo, Playtech has created its own unique identity. For instance, some casinos become ‘Playtech-branded’ and solely depend on games from that provider. This is not only a good thing for Playtech but casinos as well, as they are known for producing a lot of great games in the industry.

Famous for its Blockbuster games, Playtech provides its players with pleasing visuals and aesthetics in all their games. If you are a movie fanatic then you can be sure that Playtech has a game for you.

As vital as that may be, more importantly, they offer progressive jackpots with the potential of winning loads of cash.

best casino software yellow keyboard - Playtech, The Best Casino Software? Find out What Forums Say

The only criticism exclusive Playtech casinos have received so far are claims of a lack of diversity in games. Many may argue that that is quite unfair as Playtech is capable of creating simple games just as it is the more complex ones.

In fact, its range of classic casino games, such as Live Dealer, is considered one of the greatest games in the industry.

In conclusion, there are many other developers to consider, especially if you don’t want to miss out on games like Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst but Playtech will always be the number one online casino software out there. Be sure to check out what Playtech has to offer.