How to play poker online 1024x622 - Top Tips for Online Poker: The Basics

Top Tips for Online Poker: The Basics

The explosion in popularity of poker over the past couple of decades has led to so many different online poker options as well. The most important thing is you need to know the basics of poker before you start playing poker at an online casino. If you don’t you might as well just start a charity and give your money away!

How to find a reliable site

The next step is to find a site on which you will be playing. It’s very important to pick a reputable one as they will be housing your money in a similar way a bank would. So you want that money to be there when it comes time to cash out. All this will take is a little bit of research as you will find the fraudsters pretty quickly. You also want to make sure that the sites have enough people on them so that you can find games when you want. If it’s a reputable website you really shouldn’t have to worry about that as reputable sites typically have plenty of action.

The difference between online and live poker

Now for some actionable tips that you can implement the next time you’re playing online poker. The biggest difference between online and live poker is that you cannot see the other player. In live poker, you can look the other person in the eyes or into their sunglasses and read their body language to figure out if they have it or not. When you’re playing online you can’t do that all you can read is the size of the bet in comparison to how they have played previous hands. This means you can’t read the other player at all online! This means that you have to play the hands you dealt even more and capitalize on the situations where you have the best hand. The best way to do this is to only play the better hands you’re dealt so that you have the best odds of winning the hand. You must be picky when it comes to the hands you play with since reading the table is very difficult to do.

Win big at a online casino - Top Tips for Online Poker: The Basics

How to play in your position

Now that you have limited the hands that you play the next step to improving your poker game is learning how to play in position. You will need to pay close attention to what position you’re sitting at on the table for each hand. In case you don’t know there are better positions on the table than others. The best position to be in is going to be on the button which means that you’re last to act, the worst position is what’s called under the gun which is right after the blinds and is first to act. When you’re sitting on the button you’re going to want to play more hands as you can steam more pots from here by betting. The closer you are to the button the looser you should play and the opposite is true as the further you get away from the button you should tighten up playing only the very best hands. You will be shocked to see how many hands you can win when in position and the rest of the players check it to you. So you must exploit that whenever you do get the chance!

The final and most important tip for online poker is to know when to raise, fold and check. There is a reason that they are in that order because raising is the most important and should be the most common thing you do. Folding is second because there is nothing wrong with folding when the opponent has you beat. Checking is last as it’s the weakest move you can do and should avoid it at all costs! When in doubt on any hand you should be either raising it or folding it as you want to get the most from the opponent when you have the best hand and give away the least amount of money when you have the worst hand. Checking is something you should be doing when you’re trying to trap someone and extract as much money from them as possible. But please be careful as this is a move that can and will blow up in your face as they will hit their hand sometimes and it will hurt your chip stack.


If you can keep it to these simplest tips your success rate will go up exponentially playing online poker. As we said before if you play basic poker and play the hands you’re dealt your success will go up. Since it’s a lot more difficult to get live reads on people online you need to keep your bluffing to a minimum only doing it in the best of positions. As with anything else in life you need to continue to practice and play frequently. Know when to hold em and know when to fold em’!!

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Some Top Tips for playing Online Blackjack

Did you know that more people are starting to participate in online gambling at one of their favorite casinos? That means that Blackjack has been making the rounds as one of the more popular options for players. Now we all know why online Blackjack is popular. How many of you(though) know how to maintain the right strategy while playing it? That strategy is what we will discuss today. I will go over about 7 tips(with you) on how to keep a good strategy, as well as what makes a good strategy. After all, how can you maintain a good strategy if you do not know what one is?

Some Good Playing Strategies For You and Your Friends

1) The first one is rather obvious, but I feel it needs repeating. You have to know what your bankroll is. You have to know how much you are willing to spend for the hours you play. Say, for example, you want to play for five hours straight. Now, let’s say you are only willing to spend about $200 during those five hours. Remember that a lot can happen in those five hours. You are also going to get enticed to go beyond that $200 mark. They will tell you every line in the book. They want you to overspend, convincing you that you can make it up later. That might be true, but isn’t it better to play within your limit?

2) The next tip I will talk about is the bonus. Please make sure you utilize your bonus offers. The casino is going to make some very generous offers for you. Casinos do this for both new and current players already signed up. You will have different options for the bonus money. Pick the one you like best and use it. The casino is giving it you, so why not take advantage of it? Will there be any strings attached to the bonus money? Probably not, but it is always best to check with the casino first. You can find the information in the terms and conditions section of the casino homepage. Read over it first before you sign up for something.

3) Some players know what they are doing when it comes to a strategy. Other players do not. Those players need a little extra help. There are also charts available for you to look at. The casino provides these resources free of charge. They want you to use them. Take advantage of the resources the casino offers for Blackjack. You never know when it will come in handy(especially for the newer players).

4) The next tip involves single or double hands. Some players have had to learn(the hard way)that playing many hands against the dealer is not going to help. It will only hurt you. The only thing it does is speed things up. It is not going to impact your playing in any real way. It is better to stick to the single hands.

blackjack - Some Top Tips for playing Online Blackjack

5) The next question involves whether to split or not. There is some debate over this. You hear arguments on either side. Today I am going to give you an unbiased point of view. Do you have a pair of 8s or Aces? You should split them then. The reason is that two 8s equal 16. A sixteen is one of the worst hands you can have in Blackjack. Do you have a pair of 10s? That is a good hand. You do not want to split that. Your risk losing a lot when you do that. What about a pair of 6s? Yeah, that is also going to lead to a horrible hand(one of the worst). Stick with what I just told you. It is unbiased and fair way of looking at it.

6) You are going to lose some hands. Every player goes through winning and losing cycles. You will start to hit a losing streak just when you hit your high. It is the way of things. What works best when you are winning? Start inflating your bets a little bit. What do you do when you begin to lose? Start to decrease your betting stakes. You also want to reduce the amount of money you wager when you sense your loss coming. It is one way to minimize the loss. Once again, some players start to increase their bets to make up for the loss. There is no way to make up for a loss you incur(even over time). Once the money is gone, it is gone.

7) What about mixing tables and bankroll? The two of them work together. You need to pick a table the works with the money you have to spend. That means there is no way you should go play at a high rollers table when you only have $50 to spend. I know that sounds(once again) a bit obvious, but some players disregard this one(intentionally and unintentionally). Another way to look at this is the minimum betting range. Do not sit at a table for $1,000 when you only can afford a $200 maximum bet. Some say that if they play enough they will have the bankroll to make profit. That is not going to work either. You have to match the table to your limit. Let’s use the betting timetable as the final example. Most players should allow for at least 40 bets within their overall bankroll. That means those 40 bets have to last you through the $200(just an example). Find the correct online table before playing.